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Lift suspension of The Edge and stop blocking Sarawak Report

We condemn the Home Ministry’s three-month suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for their reporting of the 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB) scandal and the MCMC's blocking of the Sarawak Report website.

At a time when there are more questions than answers available regarding the humongous financial scandal, the Ministry’s action appears to be a self-serving draconian attempt at shutting up inquisitive Malaysians.
It also appears aimed at chipping away at the fragile press freedom in the country, which is already beleaguered by a political rollercoaster, economic uncertainty, and religious and ethnic unease.

We condemn the latest, quite despicable, attempts to silence discussion surrounding the 1MDB debacle.
This can be seen in its current pathetic attempts at discrediting individuals and organisations who have brought out into the open allegations of wrongdoing by people in power – attempts which are a waste of public funds and an insult to the intelligence of concerned Malaysians.

Individuals who should be considered patriots and loyal Malaysians and the journalists at The Edge and Sarawak Report, are now being unjustly persecuted for revealing to the public the alleged wrongdoings and the apparent rot that is 1MDB.

We therefore demand:
  • the lifting of the suspension of The Edge
  • the lifting of the block on the Sarawak Report website
  • the repeal of the Printing Presses and Publications Act and other laws that restrict media freedom
  • an end to the persecution of whistleblowers
Letter to
Prime Minister Najib Razak
Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission
Home Affairs Minister Zahid Hamidi
Lift suspension of The Edge and stop blocking Sarawak Report

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